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Current UTC time

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United States, Eastern Standard Time
11:34:32 PM
18 Jun 2024
Indian Standard Time
9:04:32 AM
19 Jun 2024

Local facts for Est-to-Ist

  • What is the time difference between EST and IST?
    The time difference between Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Indian Standard Time (IST) is 10 hours and 30 minutes. IST is ahead of EST.
  • Why is there a 30-minute difference in the time conversion between EST and IST?
    India follows a time offset that includes a 30-minute increment, unlike most time zones that adjust by whole hours. This is due to its longitudinal position and the desire to have a standard time zone for the entire country.
  • Can you provide examples of common time conversions from EST to IST?
    8:00 AM EST = 6:30 PM IST - 12:00 PM (noon) EST = 10:30 PM IST - 6:00 PM EST = 4:30 AM IST (next day)