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9:04:33 AM
19 Jun 2024

Local facts for India

  • What is the current time in India?
    As of now, the current time in India can vary depending on the specific region due to its large size and multiple time zones. In general, India Standard Time (IST) is UTC+5:30.
  • Why is India 30 mintues off?
    India's time zone of UTC+5:30 stems from historical decisions made during British colonial rule to establish a single standard time for administrative convenience. Geographically, India spans a wide longitudinal range, and the chosen standard meridian (82.5 degrees east) is roughly central, providing a balanced time for the entire nation. This half-hour offset is a compromise that accommodates the vast country's needs while maintaining administrative simplicity.
  • How many time zones does India have?
    India officially follows a single time zone throughout the country, which is Indian Standard Time (IST). However, due to its vast geographical extent, there are informal observations of different local times in various regions.
  • Does India observe Daylight Saving Time (DST)?
    No, India does not observe Daylight Saving Time (DST). The time remains constant throughout the year in most parts of the country.